headshot2In 1982, Justin Riley was born in Fayetteville Arkansas. From childhood his mother encouraged the artistic expression present within him-from legos to finger-paints. In high school, his art teacher inspired him to pursue the life of an artist. Throughout the four years of his college career he explored many interactive projects that used technology as a means of communication and interaction. After receiving his BFA in sculpture at the University of Kansas, 2005, he felt the need to develop a broader perspective on the world before pursuing graduate school. He moved to Amsterdam, combining his education with his love of music, to work as a club promoter, disc jockey and video jockey for two years. Following his two years in Amsterdam, Justin traveled in Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos, working on public arts projects using recycled and found materials. Justin returned to Fayetteville, AR in May 2008 to prepare for graduate school. In May of 2011 he received his M.F.A. from Brooklyn College in Performance and Interactive Media Arts program. Justin now works as an artist, designer, video editor, freelance fabricator, artist assistant, and carpenter.